Tan: Why do Farmers Look Hot?

2ffe19f2926efda5273caba56c7a88e7 “Food security” is very essential for human survival and for that reason alone farmers are very important. They work so hard trying to sustain human existence, but don’t you just wonder why they look so great even with all the great deal of work they have been doing? You know what I came to find out? It has something to do with the sun. Besides the sun giving them the happy vitamin – Vitamin D, which makes them look stress-free, the sun also gives them that gorgeous tan.

Why a Tanned Skin make a Farmer Looks Great?

    • The Natural Glowing Look

Did you know how tan makes anyone look glowing? It has something to do with how the light touches a darker skin tone, it tends to absorb more light rather than reflect it like that of people with fair or pale skin tone. The bronze skin tone makes a farmer looks glowing, naturally!

    • The More Toned Muscles

Tan makes farmers muscles look toned. Why – the same reasons why body builders get a tan before a competition.  Tan gives the illusion of being firm and gives muscles more definition. The contour of the muscles is more pronounced, dramatic and appears even bigger. No wonder why farmers look buff and stronger.

    • The Youthful Appearance

A tan makes you appear younger. It hides all discolorations, age spots and other signs of ageing on the skin. The stimulation of melanocytes release melanin  – the pigment that gives the skin a dark skin color, making the age spot less obvious. So, tanning is a good way to hide your age, don’t you think?  However, don’t forget your Tan Extending Skin Care.

    • The Healthy Physique

Besides the muscles being more toned, a tan makes a farmer appears to have a healthy physique. Basically, a sun-kissed tone makes a person appear thinner and healthier. It also has something to do with illusion, the light that touches a darker skin tone makes a person look thinner because it absorbs the light. On the other hand, the light that touches a fair skin is reflected making a person look flat and wide.

You should get a Tan!

With all these awesome effects of tanning to farmers’ hot appearance, it’s high time to get yourself a tan. Here are some fab ways to get a tan without being under the sun – Sunless Tanning!

Tanning beds are designed to get you that gorgeous tan without the hassles of being under the sun. UV bulbs, set your tan gradually decreasing the risk of getting your skin burned. You can lay down the tanning beds with or without underwear to give you an even, all over body tan.



Spray Tan

Spray tan is one of the best ways to get that that gorgeous bronze skin. In just a few minutes you can have that attractive look farmers have. What’s great about spray tanning is that you have the option for the desired skin tone. You can even undergo spray tan training so you’ll know how to tan yourself regardless of the season, or maybe you can build your own tanning business.

A healthy, glowing tan will make you look attractive and hot like farmers do. You can have the bronze skin anytime you want through sunless tanning and reap all the benefits of having a tanned skin.

Is Wild Game Meat Healthy?

Wild game meats have a plethora of health benefits compared to domesticated meats. Good examples of wild game include deer, rabbit, elk, venison, and bison. Since wild game animals are on a natural diet and are very active in the wild, they tend to have lower fat content. In addition, eating plants and other wild animals lead to lower Omega-6 fatty content and higher Omega-3 fatty acids. Furthermore, wild game meat is rich in protein and minerals.

One thing that is difficult when it comes to wild game is finding recipes. Since game meat is not easily accessible to everyone, there are not a whole lot of recipes that are developed for game meat, so you could be stuck when you do get a hold of some game meat. If you’re looking for game meat, check Best Venison Recipes. They have over 50 great recipes for game meat!

Wild game meat usually has lower fat content since wild animals are active in their habitat. Additionally, wild game go on a natural diet instead relying on corn or grain, which are usually fed to domesticated animals, which lead to unnecessary high fatty meat content.


Feeding grain and corn to animals not only contribute to abnormally high fat content in the meat but also increases Omega-6 content. Based on certain studies, Omega-6 fatty acids contribute to inflammation markers in the human body. An overabundance of Omega-6 fatty acids can lead to a number of health conditions including arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Wild animals consume more grass, leaves, and plants domesticated livestock leading to leaner meat and lowered Omega-6 fatty acid content.

Wild game meat have higher Omega-3 fatty acid content compared to animals that have been constantly fed with corn or grain. Animals fed with more grass tend to have healthier bodies than those that fed with commercial preparations.

Wild game meat are rich in lean protein. For instance, a 3 oz. venison serving can give you 22 g of protein while a 3 oz. serving of bison delivers an average of 24 g of protein.

Similar to domesticated meat, wild game meats have essential minerals such as zinc and iron. Iron is required to curb anemia triggered by iron deficiency. Women undergoing menstruation run the risk of iron deficiency. Zinc works as an antioxidant and is essential for the function of the immune system as well as digestion.

Although wild game meat is considered healthy, you’ll need to keep in mind these health-related precautions:

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

Similar to that of Mad Cow Disease, CWD is usually seen in elk and deer. While infection in humans is a concern, no cases have yet been verified. To reduce such risk, scientists recommend that you hunt deer or elk away from CWD-positive locations and having your hunted animal tested for CWD before consumption.

Furthermore, you’ll need to take precautions by not hunting animals that appear sick and adhering to recommended field-dressing practices like donning gloves and reducing direct exposure to spinal cord and brain tissues.

Lead content

Numerous studies demonstrate that weapons made from lead can result to contamination to wild game meat. Whether such is a concern has yet been concluded. Experts recommend removing portions of wild game meat with lead fragments or by making use of non-lead weaponry or bullets. If you happen to have a negative reaction to lead, it’s essential to stay away from wild game meat that have been shot with slugs or bullets. Many areas have outlawed lead shot though, so this is not a huge concern.

Like other kinds of meat, it’s advisable to cook wild game meat at lower temperatures for a prolonged period. This prevents the formation of potential compounds that lead to cancer related to cooked meat high temperatures.

Why Eggs Are the Main Ingredient on a Camping Trip

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner, and with that comes camping season. Families packing up and spending days at a time enjoying the wondrous outdoors fishing, hiking and of course eating. One of the easiest foods to take on a camping trip is eggs.

Eggs are the answer to biodegradable cooking. They come in their own package that actually fuels soil, uncooked they don’t attract any animals, and cooked in their shell they provide a handy and healthy snack for camping diversions.

This spring when you are checking off your family sized tent and sleeping bags, don’t forget to add a few dozen eggs to your camping check list.

Here’s some great recipes to try on your camping stove that will make sure you never get bored with incredible, edible eggs:

The One Skillet Breakfast

This is one that works well for both campers and backpackers as you only need  your camping  stove and a skillet. Heat a tablespoon of oil in the skillet and cook two potatoes diced until golden brown. When they are halfway done add a 1/3 lb of ground sausage and break it up as it cooks. Now you can add chopped onion, pepper or even shredded cheese, whatever your taste. Lastly add in five eggs and stir consistently until completely cooked. This is a simple and typical camping meal that requires little effort but gives a ton of great taste.

Breakfast Burritos

What is better than a flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs and fried onions, pepper and sausage? To give it more authenticity top off each stuffed tortilla with a healthy dollop of spicy salsa sauce and sour cream.

Breakfast Soup

If you are rolling out of the family tent to a nip in the air, try this hearty and warming breakfast meal. Make a bowl of instant grits with cheese, and top it off with 2 eggs cooked your way and 3 slices of bacon cut into bite sized pieces. This dish will have you and your little campers warmed up quick.

Some campers shy away from bringing raw eggs to the campsite for fear that they will break during transport. If you look in sports stores or even a dollar store you can find plastic containers made especially for transporting eggs. And here’s another tip you might now know: buy fresh eggs from a farm that have never been refrigerated. If an egg has never reached that cold temperature, you can keep that at room temperature for days without them going bad. You can’t do that with eggs bought in a grocery store cold food section.


When you are camping, you want to spend as much time enjoying your surroundings and as little time as possible cooking and cleaning up meals. Eggs are the perfect food to take along that provide a base for well balanced meals that are fast and fabulous.

Protecting Your Farm

Pellet Gun HuntingAs a farm owner, you encounter all sorts of obstacles on a daily basis, typically associated with wild animals invading your farm. They steal feed, eat crops, and might even drag away small livestock. Protection from these wild pests is a necessity, for your livelihood and the livelihood of your farm.


A pellet gun is a natural choice in farm protection for a variety of reasons. What follows is a list detailing some of the benefits to owning a pellet gun for farm or large land parcel protection.


  1. No permit needed.

Many cities and states do no require any sort of permit to own a pellet gun. You simply need to be 18 years old or older to purchase. They are widely available for purchase, as well. You can purchase pellet rifles at sporting good stores and the pellet ammunition is also available at many stores.


  1. Ideal for hunting small game.

Pellet guns are ideal for protecting your farm from small game and vermin that tend to invade important areas. Whether you need to fend off rabbits eating your crops, or scare away foxes and coyotes trying to drag away your hens, pellet guns are lethal to small animals. Don’t let these pests take advantage of unprotected land – a pellet rifle will ward them off.


  1. It’s the perfect in-between gun.

A BB gun is not typically sufficient to kill animals – the BBs travel at too slow a velocity to inflict real damage. A pellet gun is still air powered, and projects pellets at a much slower rate than a traditional rifle, but is more than sufficient to ward of animals and other pests. Additionally, the cost and upkeep associated with a pellet gun is much lower than a traditional rifle, making it an ideal cost-conscious decision.


  1. It’s got less of a kick, and less cleaning required.

While true high-powered rifles have their purpose, the air rifle pellet gun is superior in several other ways, for specific purposes. Due to the decreased velocity and smaller size of the pellets being shot through the gun, there is less of a “kick” felt when you fire the pellet gun.


Since the pellet gun is an air rifle, there’s less cleaning required, as they don’t tend to get scoring and other build-up that occurs with traditional rifles. Many people who own pellet guns never clean their barrels, as the pellets tend to scrape away deposits left from previous pellets.


Pellet guns aren’t just BB guns with different shaped ammunition – they do provide more protection and stopping power than a BB gun, but still provide the ease of use of being an air gun. While they aren’t as powerful as a traditional rifle, their lower cost, easier upkeep, and more comfortable firing mean that they are essential and safe tools for farm protection.

Discover The Health Benefits You Can Get From Eggs

Eggs have always been included in our daily menu and this is because its got a lot of health benefits to offer. Eggs don’t only give us energy because of its protein content but it as well stimulates the brain as well as other important organs in our body. Either if you eat eggs for breakfast or add it as a side dish to your meals, you can definitely find eggs a nutritious option when it comes to healthy eating.


Just remember that even with something as healthy as eggs, your mouth will take on bacteria and can develop cavities just as easily as other foods, so it is vitally important that you get yourself a good dental routine.

This should include something like a water flosser to blast away at and between the teeth, a high quality electric toothbrush like the Philips Sonicare, and a top of the line tooth paste. Honestly, you’re spending a couple of bucks and you’ll save yourself a life time of pain in your mouth by going the extra mile!

Energy Booster

Knowing that eggs are high in protein content, eating eggs can definitely boost energy that is needed so you can perform your tasks for the day. With just one egg, you can find a good amount of protein content from the yolk and the whites itself. So, if you are looking for a fast cooking option type of food with nutritional value, you can always start your day with eating eggs.

Losing Weight

Most of us are concerned about our weight and just couldn’t stop thinking about the right food to consume to keep us healthy but less fat intake. If you would like to start a healthy food diet regime, one of the best options you may consider is adding eggs into your menu. Not only is it known for its high protein content which can keep you full whenever you feel hungry. And since it is low in calories, you don’t need to worry about gaining weight after consuming eggs.

Brain and Memory Booster

One of the most important nutrients that you can get from eggs is Choline. Choline is known for its memory boosting capabilities which can as well enhance the brain’s functionality and development. So, if you want your brain to gain that extra Gig for memory, you can count on eggs to make it work for you.

Overall Body Health Benefits

There are a lot of health benefits that you can get from eating eggs. It as well improves eyesight because of its Lutein content which can be found in egg yolks, as well as improves the function of the heart because of Choline content.

Eggs and Fish for a Healthy Breakfast Option

If you are looking for ways of keeping a healthy lifestyle, one of the best options that you may want consider is watching your diet. Food is basically one of the most tempting things that people get indulged with on a daily basis. If you can control whatever you put in your mouth down into your stomach, that will be a good kick-start in shifting to a healthier lifestyle.

Eggs for Breakfast

Eating breakfast is always mentioned as an important meal for any type of healthy food eating tips that you can read. Breakfast is as important as any other meal that you take in on a daily basis, which means you will have to make sure that you don’t skip breakfast and you should always prepare a healthy breakfast.

eggs for breakfast

One healthy option that you can have for breakfast are eggs. You can cook eggs in many ways and this is what makes breakfast more exciting for you and for your family. Since eggs are a good source of protein, you will definitely find this a good alternative when it comes to eating meat. If your body stores enough protein in the body, you can have less cravings when it comes to food high in sugar and can as well help in the balance of glucose levels in your body.

You can enjoy protein rich eggs either fried, poached and scrambled as you usually want them served. Or you can as well research for other healthy breakfast recipes that includes eggs in the menu.

Fish for Breakfast

Another form of protein rich food that you can opt to eat for breakfast is fish. If you are somewhat craving for meat and you are on a diet, this is definitely a great option to consider. Fish, like eggs, can be served in different ways. You rarely see this on your table for breakfast but it can absolutely boost your protein intake to start your day.

fish for breakfast

What is more important is that you are able to get fresh fish to eat on a daily basis. If you are planning to catch fish all by yourself, you may want to consider going to lakes where freshwater fish can be found so you can get as much fish you need for your protein diet.

You can either combine fish and eggs for breakfast or you can opt to eat them separately depending on your menu. These two types of food are rich in protein which makes them a good to eat to boost your energy for the day.

Brand Your Farm

Best SignageOne thing I love about visiting a farm is all the cool ‘old’ and new stuff you get to see. Farms are sometimes like old museums , with old tractors, equipment, furniture and buildings which make it feel as though you are walking back in time. Some of the more commercial farms do this intentionally as it helps to create an atmosphere for people visiting the farm that helps to create some very long lasting memories.

I once visited a farm on Vancouver Island which was especially memorable. The farm is called Merridale Cidery and it was not only a beautiful place to visit because of its tasty cider but because it is also has some of the coolest artifacts and antiques on site. Obviously the main operation of a farm is to be as functional as possible but having awesome décor, especially when you have a product that can be sold to the public, creates an additional stream of revenue which might not have ever been considered.

I believe a fantastic farm tour always starts on the drive-in which is usually up a nice rustic dirt road. Since farms are out in the country, the best place to start with beautifying your farm is to have a professional signage company design a sign which is both unique to you and the offerings of your farm.

I know what you might be thinking! “I own an egg farm, who would ever want to come see my farm.” Well you might be surprised! Eco-tourism is on the rise and as farming becomes increasingly competitive, it’s important to at least investigate the different revenue streams which may be available to you.

A good way to market your farm without wasting too much money is to get a full vehicle wrap which has the important information for potential customers. Many people today prefer to by directly from a farmer so if you have a system of selling your eggs or other products, let people know how they can do so. You may surprised by just how many people will drive to your farm just to buy a dozen eggs because it’s more than just buying eggs. It’s about having an experience and for people who love food, an experience is all part a delicious meal.

There are lots of other opportunities which exist to create additional revenue as well. It all depends on the products you offer, the location of your farm and your willingness to invite the public into your space. With the right attitude and advice, you can have a very successful eco-tourism busi

Building Your Own Chicken Coop

mostly finished chicken coop

When I decided it was time for a new chicken coop, I certainly didn’t want to pay someone to come out and build one for me. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a carpenter, I do know my way around a workshop pretty well. Besides, a chicken coop doesn’t really have to be pretty as much as it has to be functional. Functional I can do. Pretty? Maybe not so much.

mostly finished chicken coop

What I do with the Chickens

Although I’m predominantly a grain farmer, I use the chickens for a variety of things, including eggs for breakfast almost every day. But there are way too many for my wife and me to eat ourselves, so sometimes we set up a roadside stand for our neighbors which uses the honor system. Sometimes we give them away to the homeless shelter in town, if I find that I am making a trip into town anyway and can drop them off, and there is a restaurant in town who used to have me supply their eggs but I really just didn’t want to keep up with the amount of eggs that they needed since that’s not my primary business.

Planning the Coop

So I started thinking about this chicken coop and how much space I wanted it to cover, how large I wanted it to be in height, and what would be the sturdiest way to build it for my hens. I have about fifteen chickens and a rooster who I let in sometimes when I want some chicks for the spring. They usually keep me pretty busy.

I know that chickens need 2 to 3 feet each on the inside of the coop, and 5 feet each of fenced space outside. So with 15 chickens, I did the calculations and knew approximately what the measurements needed to be.

Once I knew the size I needed, I looked up online plans for a chicken coop. Decided on one that would best fit the space and the needs of the chickens, with some extra space for new chicks when I have them. There are a lot of plans available online but I chose a fairly simple one because I don’t really need anything fancy.


The materials I needed were fairly simple. Studs for framing, paneling for the walls, coop wire, joists, joist clips, flooring, rafters and rafter ties, anchors, nailers for soffits, fasteners such as nails and screws, and shingles for the roof. Of course, you would need to follow the supplies list for whatever project plans you choose, as I had a lot of these things just lying around in my workshop. Although you would normally need gravel underneath for drainage purposes, mine was replacing the old coop so that was already in place for me.  And, of course, if you want it to be fancy you can fix it all up with wood trim, a pretty door, and all of that kind of stuff.

Putting it Together

After making sure the excavation from the previous coop was spiffed up a little bit, I began framing the floor. This was set on top of the skids and then the floor sheathing was applied. Once the floor was finished, I began framing the walls. I pre-cut everything using my DeWalt Compound miter saw so that I could get any necessary angles cut just right.  Boy, do I love that thing!

Anyway, after making sure I had the correct space for venting and windows, as well as space for the door, I was finished framing the walls and installed them onto the floor. Next were the rafters, which were set into place by my son because I didn’t want to do as much climbing up and down on the ladder. I used the door from the old coop, since it was still in good shape, and then began putting up the chipboard for the walls.

Once the walls were up, I let the chickens run around inside and get used to their new home. I re-worked the existing framing for the fence, installed the new chicken wire for the fence, and that was it! Actually a super easy project which didn’t take a great deal of time or cost too much money. I’m certainly glad my chickens will now be safe and sound in their new home.

Image Credit: Flickr by rebecca shiraev

Whip your Morning up Right!

Healthy Eggs

One of my favorite breakfast foods are eggs. I eat eggs probably close to 5 times a week and I consider myself a little bit of an eggspert (ignore the pun)! The benefit of eggs are plenty and it seems that more and more research are confirming that the best way to start your day is to crack a couple of eggs right into the frying pan (or pot of water ;)). Eggs are high in protein, high in omega-3 fat (the good kind of fat), and basically next to no carbohydrates. In a society which generally overdoes it when it comes to carbs, this makes eggs a superfood in my books.

One of the other great things about eggs are that they are extremely versatile. There are so many ways to cook eggs that there is always away to keep your breakfast interesting. You can fry them, bake them, boil them and even eat them raw! Pair them with a morning exercise routine and you’ll be on your way to meeting your fitness goals. Below is one of my favorite egg recipes.

The Egg-Ocado

Another pun to be ignored, this extremely simple breakfast treat is not only easy but is packed full of delicious flavor and healthiness. First for the ingredients:

  • Free-Range Egg
  • Avocado
  • Salt & Pepper

First thing to do is pre-set you over for 375 degrees. While the over is warming up, take your avocado and open it up to give yourself two halves. De-pit the avocado and shave a way a few milimeters of avocado so your egg will fit. On the bottom side of the avocado, Cut a slite rivet in the peel so your avocado sits up nicely and balances when sitting flat. Be careful not to make this cut to deep and cut into the other side or else it won’t make a very good cup for your egg.

Once your avocado is prepared, take your egg and crack it into the hollowed out bowl you have created. If a little bit of the egg white leaks over the edge this is nothing to worry about. Place the Egg-Ocado on a baking tray and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook for 10-15 minutes or until the egg is cooked to your preference. I prefer mine a bit runny so when I scoop into my meal, the yolk leaks into the avocado. Enjoy with a spoon!

The above is not only rich and delicious but heart healthy too. The healthy fats of both the avocado will have your body dancing and the zero-carb breakfast will have you losing those extra pounds in no time. Do be aware however that although the fats in both avocado and eggs are ‘good fats’ they are still fat. Ensure you enjoy both in moderation daily as an entire avocado is more than enough ‘good fat’ for a couple of days. Enjoy this treat once per week… maybe twice!

How To Keep Your Dogs Safe On The Farm

dog on farmNo matter what kind of farm you have, there are always going to be dangers your dog can get into. Dogs are notorious for getting into places they shouldn’t, no matter how well you may have checked the area beforehand. So what can be done to stop this? Keeping them chained up in a small part of a yard when they could be exploring the farm is hardly what a dog deserves! It is very important to allow them to roam within a fair amount of your farm, especially if they are a working dog, such as a herding, guarding, or helping dog. They need to be familiar with the area and the other animals you may have on the farm, as well as what their territory is if they are there to guard. He could easily become lost or disoriented in unfamiliar territory that, little known to him, is his own property.

A fantastic solution to keeping your dog on your property though not tethered up is by using a wireless fence. There are many different brands that make such fences, so you have a pretty good variety of options. Some are made with a smaller perimeter of wire, some longer, and can be increased with the purchase of more wire. The other kind of wireless fence is the deterrent kind. It basically will keep your dog away from a certain area rather than within a certain area. Both are rated very well. They way they will benefit you and your dog is by consistently training them to stay within your set boundaries. When they approach the wire laid down to indicate the boundary, they will receive a sound warning emitted by their collar. If they proceed closer to the fence, the collar will administer a static correction (this is not an electric shock like most people think!). This painless correction will startle them into returning to your property. Soon enough they will learn where they can go.

Some people will think that it’s not necessary for these precautions, but there are plenty of dangers on your farm that your dog may get themselves into. Both cattle and horses pose a danger to your dog if they get over excited. Though dog are smaller and more agile than horses and cattle, they can still get kicked or stomped on by accident. Keeping your dog at a safe distance (though not too far) from them until they need to herd them is a smart idea to protect both your livestock and your dog.

They can also get into dangerous parts of a barn or equipment shed, such as sharp equipment, unstable floors, rickety walls, and so much more. There’s no need for them to be in these buildings, so setting up the wireless fence around them is a great precaution to take to keep them out of harms way.

One last dangerous situations (though there are many more) is landscape characteristics. If you have a steep or muddy hill that they can get stuck on or slide down, keeping them away from this is very important. Water areas such as streams, lakes, wells, or anything else are also important to keep your dog away from in case of injury or contamination to your water supply.

There really isn’t a better or cheaper way to keep your farm and your dogs safe!